Create the ‘right’ content in your marketing sms

right content for sms marketing

Create the ‘right’ content in your marketing sms

Customers are bombarded with marketing sms from different brands day and night but not all of them will be eye catchy or just the ‘right type’. Tracing the psychology of your customers as to what they would find attractive to read is important. Guess what? Here are some important points you must consider before designing a marketing sms for your customers to create the right content:

Simple and concise
Design your sms content within 160 characters to make it targeted at the right spot. ‘Say what you really want to’. Let the customer know exactly what you want to say so they don’t have to search for your real message. You can write a message of more than 160 words as well but it will cost you more and the customer may end up missing your real point so try to stay within 160 characters.

Describe the sales event
In order for your customers to get a clear message, you must tell them what the sale is about and whom it is intended for. For instance, clearance sale, member only sale, black Friday sale etc. You must not forget to mention the percentage of sale range e.g. 50% to 70% etc.

Include the date of your event
Don’t forget to mention the dates of the event otherwise customers wouldn’t know when is the event taking place. Having a clear content is important as a customer is not expected to do the working to find out real details.

Specify the location for your event
Let the customers clearly know if the event is taking place on all your stores or just the one with specific location mentioned in the sms. It is crucial to mention it so the customer does not end up at the wrong store and get frustrated from your brand due to misinformation.

Don’t forget to include your identity
Your brand name is the most important essence in designing your content. If you forget to mention your brand name, the customers will forget your message too!

Write your contact number
In the message, write the contact number on which customer could call to clarify any queries they may have. Make sure that the number is working and a person is always available or mention the timings in the message in which customers could reach out.

May include a picture in the sms
If your words can’t tell what you want to say then you may wish to include a picture in your sms. You can also include your location map, past event images etc. We have this feature where you can include it in your marketing sms.

Below are some marketing sms examples incorporating what we have highlighted above.

Example 1
Brand X : FURTHER REDUCTIONS Now till 1 Jan. Flash this msg to enjoy 50% OFF STOREWIDE. T&Cs apply. T : 03-XXXXXXX

Example 2
Brand Y : Purchase any 3 items and get the 4th FREE from 20th – 25th Jan at all stores. While stocks last. T&C apply. T : 03-XXXXXXX

Example 3
Brand Z : Celebrate Christmas with us from 25/12 – 31/12. Be rewarded with a min spend of XXXX in a single receipt storewide. T&C apply. T : 03-XXXXXXX

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